Thursday, May 7, 2009

Skull in stitches

*Self designed and stitched skull skirt, Hanes tank, Duarte Jeans jacket, Jewels Of Avallon necklace.

I'm a skulls girl. Plain and simple. Although I won't tattoo one on my body ( my tattoos are very feminine - branches, flowers, tribal heart ... ), I will wear them on anything and everything.
Imagine my happiness when I finished my very own couture skull skirt out of the Alabama Stitch Book.

A piece of art in it's own right, when I am not wearing it I like to display it in the store window ( hence the mannequin it is pictured on ). Mel knows not to sell this piece, as it is my pride and joy. I am now working on some fleur de lys patterns for my next one.

As my collection grows, so does the demand! I have customers begging me to make them one!
As time consuming as they are, I can understand the $1300 price tag Alabama Chanin charges for one of these bad boys!


Sharon said...

I was kinda crushed when I came to the part "not to sell this piece":P I think it's my favorite piece amongst the amazing things you make for Revolution Malibu. You're doing great, and am so glad for the success the lines are having!!(with celebrity fans eh!) Keep it up;)

judy aldridge said...

OMG Cece--you are such an artist! I love the bikini too! These things are amazing!

Stella said...

Hi I'm Stella from Italy (I write in my blog also in English).
I think that the mission of Revolution Malibu is great!

I really like the skirt skulls:)