Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nick and Nasty

I will have to set aside my vanity and post this pic of me and Nick Nolte taken yesterday when he came into Revolution Malibu and purchased two pairs of our pj bottoms.

Nick is such a fan - and coincidentally lives in pj bottoms - so you can imagine his excitement over finding a rockin cool version to update his California casual look!

So overjoyed was Nick that he went straight home and gathered all of his pj bottoms for us to customize ( and dropped them off next door at Clout. The store was closed and I was two glasses of wine into my sushi dinner with my husband Dave ). 

Today he is on a plane to Pittsburgh for the next three months ( shooting a movie ).

The dude is one stylin', good looking 68 years young man!!!

One more celeb came in yesterday, local and uber talented actress Jane Seymour. She actually wants to give us her handbag and linen line to carry in our store! We were tickled pink when she came in...and god is she gorgeous!


Miss Eve said...

Oh I love Nick must be sooooo excited over there...Will be back for more juicy stories...Have a great Monday (if that's possible). Love: Evi

Sharon said...

Hi, just passing by to let you know that LiveYourStyle is celebrating its 1st anniversary and hosting a giveaway!

Candi said...

Congratulations to you Ms. Cece! This is awesome. So happy for your store and for you!!! :)

PS I love your jeanss. I read your comment on my blog, and yes we know our jewelry!!!

I *Heart* You said...

great picture!!! gotta say - i always confuse this one with gary busey! ha!