Thursday, April 30, 2009

A fu@#in' steal

I love this Pamela Love claw cuff. But I love our Revolution Malibu claw and rose crystal necklace better...
Especially the price ( hers $800 , ours $285 ).
What do you think?

Bitches got attitude

( Me, Mel and Clary  from Clary's Closet )

Or at least we think we do 'cause some big name stylists were salivating over... 

( Oscar de la Renta couture gown from Clary's Closet, Revolution Malibu vintage deconstructed rock n roll t-shirt, dyed Chanel belt, Claw and rose crystal pendant exclusively for Revolution Malibu, Collage Couture fedora )

She's a Brit

Dope ass pic of Kate Moss...
We're channeling the Brit and some 80's rock n roll for our new line.
pic via fuzz fashion

Can you dig?

Our new blog format and our first professional photo?
So much to handle all in one post!