Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our way...

...via the questions posted on one of our fave blogs my way

Cece's answers ( Mel will have do her own post since she's MIA - Mercedes In Action ):

Question 1): What topic would you write your book about?
Answer 1): My life up until now. Dad was a world famous art forger ( yes I said "forger" ). He was caught by Marc Chagall in the 70's. Check out his wikipedia. My mom also wrote a book about their life called "Three Picassos before Breakfast". I was married to a professional baseball player and lived in many interesting places around the world. Now I am designer living in Malibu - drama definitely worthy of a reality show.


Mom's book
Question 2): What is one of your guilty pleasures?
Answer 2):  Hmmmmmm. I might get in trouble if I divulge that.

Question 3): What are some of the things you do to get yourself out of a bad mood?
Answer 3): Blast music. My favorite CD right now is The Cure 4:13 Dream.

Question 4): How long do you think it will take to get the U.S. economy back on track?
Answer 4); I'm optimistic...maybe another year.

Question: 5) Do you think there is a fine line between creepy and romantic?
Answer 5) : Hell yes - most definitely! Boy, do I have some stories. To be continued ; )


alissa said...

oh mylanta - write that book! I want to read it, sounds fascinating.

Carlotta said...

love to read your answers!! I'd love to read your book, and let's really really hope that by one year the economy will be back on track!!